Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team


Senior leaders of OHT member organizations form the OHT’s Coordinating Council. The Coordinating Council uses a collaborate approach to guide the overall vision, priorities and direction of the OHT. The Coordinating Council also includes community members and clinical representatives. We welcome the opportunity to partner with other organizations in Elgin. If you are interested in learning more, please fill our contact form, or email


Elgin OHT Coordinating Council, Co-chairs:

Carol Walters, Alzheimer’s Society South West Partners
Ruthann Waldick, Community Member

Affiliate Members

OHT affiliate members help advance OHT priorities and system improvements through their engagement on the OHT Coordinating Council and related teams.

Elgin OHT Community Council

The Community Council provides context expertise to help guide the OHT’s development, support person-centred decision-making, and create a strong culture of engagement. The Community Council works with the Coordinating Council to promote the intentional inclusion of all voices in health care decision making and to support members of the community to actively participate in the work of the OHT. If you are interested in learning more, please fill our contact form, or email

Elgin OHT Staff Team

The staff team reports to the Coordinating Council and supports all OHT committees and tables to assist in moving our work forward.

Chris Alappat, Digital Health Lead

Lauren Caruana, Project and Implementation Manager

Eric Hendrick, Middlesex London and Elgin Ontario Health Teams Indigenous Health Lead

Deanna Huggett, Executive Director

Scott May, Communications and Engagement Lead

Silas Ng, Director, Digital Health Strategy

Melissa Stiles, Executive Assistant