Elgin has more people living with and being hospitalized for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) than other areas in the province. Working together with individuals living with and supporting people with COPD, we identified the following priority areas for action:

  • empowering people to manage their own conditions
  • improving awareness of services.

Also, of great importance to the Elgin OHT is ensuring everyone has the same access to care and receives their care in a culturally safe environment. In this regard, the Elgin OHT is focused on building and strengthening trusting relationships with Indigenous and Low German Mennonite communities.

Elgin OHT is in the early stages of helping to transform health care and social service delivery across Elgin. When fully implemented, changes will include:

  • A fully coordinated range of services
  • Better access to system navigation services and more seamless transitions through your health care journey.

These changes will ultimately lead to:

  • Better health outcomes for the people of Elgin.
  • Improved health care and social service interactions and experiences for people accessing care, caregivers, and service providers.