OHT Documents

Application to become an OHT

This application can be used to understand the health system in Elgin County, and what we hoped to achieve when forming the Elgin OHT.

Community Member Partnership and Engagement Strategy:

This Strategy is intended to ensure that high-quality partnership, collaborative design, and engagement with community members (patients,/clients, families and caregivers) is at the core of all Elgin OHT activities.

Harmonized Information Management Plan (HIMP)

The Elgin OHT’s Harmonized Information Management Plan serves as a starting roadmap for ways in which digital health can help support integrated care for our entire population.

Collaborative Community Quality Improvement Plan

The Elgin Ontario Health Team is responsible under our Transfer Payment Agreement to submit a Collaborative Quality Improvement Plan (cQIP) which includes indicators and targets specific to our priority population and broader system integration.

What is the Collaborative Quality Improvement Plan (cQIP)

The cQIP is related to, but distinct from, the provincial Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) for individual health care organizations. The cQIP is designed to support multiple partner organizations within an Ontario Health Team in developing and monitoring common quality improvement activities. A Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) on the other hand focuses on organization-specific issues. The cQIP and QIP documents should ideally work together in a complementary way.

A cQIP is intended to be:

An improvement plan that aligns provincial and local health system priorities with the Quintuple Aim:

  • an enhanced experience for people accessing services,
  • improved population health,
  • improved provider experience,
  • improved value,
  • advancement of health equity.

cQIP is a process that OHTs work on throughout the year to systematically identify and bridge gaps in care, using quality improvement and change management principles and employing an equity lens.

It is one of many tools that help OHTs promote a culture of quality improvement and it supports the identification of shared quality improvement objectives.